The verve card is a multipurpose EMV compliant payment card that gives the card holder 24/7 online real-time access to funds in his/her account with the banks across all payment channels on the network – ATM, POS Terminals, web, mobile etc. this is the regular payment card issued to the individual accounts (savings account, current account, sole proprietors/sole signatory account) holders of the bank for online real-time access to the fund across all channels on the network.


Autopay is a branded fund disbursement solution that allows AG Mortgage Bank disburse fund electronically from their corporate offices without having to physically move funds through cheques or cash.it is an online payment solution that operates across several banks and provides an efficient/effective real-time platform for instant credit transactions. Autopay can be used by AG Mortgage Bank to credit multiple third party account across the nation and thereby generating income on all transactions completed.

PAYDIRECT (Revenue collection module)

This is a PC based revenue collection and monitoring solution leveraged to provide secure commercial transactions between AG Homes and its customers. Using this channels, AG savings and Loans PLC, mandate to operate within a confined region can extend their outreach within and outside this operation region through other banks deploying this solution. Using this solution, fund disbursed and collected can be monitored in real time via the solution. This solution enables customers to pay for their PHCN, DSTV, Flight booking etc while Ag homes earns commission on all transactions made at the end of the day


This is a solution designed to enable POS terminals function as transaction ( financial services) processing centers in remote locations. The terminals integrate directly to Interswitch payment infrastructure and support real-time online processing and settlement of transactions done outside an office environment. This means you can collect cash from customers on the field, enter the data for the payment, issue instant receipt and the transaction information is automatically reconciled with the customer’s account in the bank.


This is also on online platform which we can use for fund transfer. In events where customers require our service to transfer fund to other Bank account, this is a real time solution we can use to achieve such and thereby generating income for our Bank through charges.


This is a multichannel solution that helps in bill payment and air time recharge with the customers’ ATM cards.


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